Adidas doesn't need too many introductions. World wide brand which provides the highest technology shoes, clothes and accessories. A balanced mix of research, experiences and sustainability leads Adidas into the development of the most fashionable and professional apparel. 
Terrex is the ideal line for people who love Outdoor life like me; suitable for climbing, alpinism, skiing, canyoning and others activites.

Shoes brand based in Trentino, Italy. A very high quality support. Many times climbing results depend on the skin and the shoes, our contact points with the rock. Having a positive feeling on the feet is what you need for a performance on your limit and La Sportiva defenitively provides high technology material.

A climbing holds brand from Switzerland. From training to competition, the Flatholds range is very wide and it suites different styles of routesettings.

Safety at its finest. Based in Brno,  Peter Bouldering makes some of the strongest and most safety crash pads. Top both for normal boulders and the biggest highballs.

A new emergent brand from Biella which provides material for grip improvement. From very soft brushes, ideal for sandstone, till high quality chalk and holds cleaning products. Beyond the bouldering kit, it also provides a wide hardware range for sport climbing lovers.

Marchio emergente del biellese che si occupa di materiale per la pulizia degli appigli. Dagli spazzolini super morbidi, perfetti per l'arenaria più fine, ad altri prodotti per migliorare il grip come spazzole rigide e ottimo magnesio. Al di là del kit bouldering, dispone anche di un'ampia gamma hardware per gli amanti della falesia.